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Our goal is to match the best and brightest job candidates with our country’s most demanding jobs.

Scientific Community and IQ

"There are few serious students of the subject who reject the value of the mental measurement known as the Intelligence Quotient or IQ test. Despite arguments concerning validity, the scientific community makes increasing use of the tests."

- Victor Serebriakoff
Honorary International President, MENSA 1995

How good is the test?

"How good a predictor of job productivity is a cognitive test score compared to a job interview? Reference checks? College transcript? The answer, probably surprising to many, is that the test score is a better predictor of job performance than any other single measure."

- Charles Murray
Author of The Bell Curve

Job Proficiency

"For the job market as a whole, cognitive ability predicts proficiency better than any other known variable describing an individual, including educational level. Intelligence tests are usually more predictive of proficiency than are paper-and-pencil tests that are specifically based on a job's activities."

- Charles Murray
Author of The Bell Curve